Our wholesale model is specifically designed to help local boutique stores offer the best of both worlds – the experience from trying your own gown in front of trusted friends and advisors while having the flexibility of making design choices on your future gown. We have great experience supporting local stores, mainly in the US and Europe, and below you can find more information about the benefits of working with BridalMelody.

Please note that this program is exclusively for store owners and designers. Before we start working together we will require additional information about your business in order to protect our reseller customers’ privileges of buying at our cost-saving factory direct price. All the information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential. If you are bride-to-be, friends or relatives of brides interested in our items, please contact us at service@bridalmelody.com




Design your own brand collection from scratch

    Work with our design team on your own collection inspired by your taste and what is trendy in your area. We will provide guidance on specific details (such as sashes, straps etc.), fabrics and beadings. We can even go further and create unique lace patterns only for your collection. Creating one of the kind dresses will not only make your boutique stand out but you will also be able to sell at a price point that guarantees your profit.


    Customizations based on clients’ preferences

    You can offer customizations on your dress based to buyer's preference! Such as add sleeves, lower/high neckline, change lining color, extend/shorten train length etc. This would allow you to freely communicate with buyers and offer them service that very few store can!


    Offer custom size dresses

    All dresses can be made in standard or custom sizes. Custom fit is what truly makes brides stand out and can bring great value to your store. 


    Competitive pricing

    We offer highly competitive wholesale prices for the quality and craftsmanship of our dresses. We do not believe in making cheap knock-offs as they can hurt the store reputation or simply stay on the rack unsold. Our direct partners can generally markup 3 to 5 times at which they buy. For those reasons, please do not expect quotations in the region of €300 to €400 per dress, as simply we do not use such cheap materials. If that is the price point you need, Alibaba and eBay would probably do just fine.


    High-quality products

    Our atelier specializes in creating top-quality products as we aim to develop a long-term partnership and help your business grow. Quality and craftsmanship are fundamental for us and we hope the stores we work with to align with this vision.


    Lead time

    The lead time for a single reorder would be around 4 months. For bulk orders and new collection orders, please contact us.


    Minimum order quantity

    We want to give you the financial flexibility you need in order to run a bridal boutique and meet your goals, so your minimum quantity order for the first collection is only 6 models. 


    Strict Confidentiality Policy

    We consider our partners as family and as such, we care about your business. As previously mentioned, we guarantee full confidentiality and none of the work we do for you will ever leave our studio floor. No pictures or materials for your dresses will be shown online or shared with potential partners as success stories.


    For further questions and inquiries, please contact us at bridalmelody@gmail.com.





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