We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and are confident we can work with you to create a high-quality custom gown that will exceed your expectations. However, due to the nature of our business potential alteration or return requests could always occur. For that reason, we ask all our clients to read our return policy in advance and be familiar with it as we start the process.


Changes On Lace Fabrics 

A. During the initial consultation stage, brides can consider and change their mind about everything from color and shape to lace and accessories. That is what consultations are designed for. 

B. Price quotes are based on design, complexity and fabrics so if you wish to change a lace after a price quote is provided, the new style will be subject to a new quotation.

C. Drawing sketches of the future gown is the final step before your order goes to production. In case you have a change of heart regarding the lace or design, once your sketch is in process, we will apply a 100 euro fee for re-drawing the sketch.

D. Once the sketch is confirmed and your order is in production, no lace changes will be accepted. For such cases, please refer to our cancellation policy.


Changes On Sketches

We create high-quality sketches in order to provide our brides with the best possible visual of their future gown. Normally the sketches can take up to 3 weeks to be completed so we strongly advise all brides to confirm each detail with their designer before the sketch goes in process. Once we start working on the sketches no changes can be applied. If a bride wishes to make changes on the sketch after it's completed, we will apply a 100 euro re-drawing fee to the final bill and the production time of the dress will be extended accordingly.


Changes On Design Details And Colors

We have over 10 team members involved in each dress and we work on a tight schedule to ensure all orders are completed on time. For that reason we strongly recommend brides not to make any changes once their order is in production as that will create problems in the work flow and could lead to delayed orders. Often what seems to be a small change in the dress can require the attention of our whole team members and to redo their work, this is something we want to avoid as much as possible.


A. If you want to modify the design after the quotation, the previous quotation will be invalid, and we will provide a new quotation based on the new design.

B. After the sketches are completed, if you want to change design details, we would need to redraw the sketches. That would lead to an extra charge of 50 to 100 euro for redrawing the sketch. It will also take at least 1 week and your delivery date will be postponed accordingly.

C. After production begins, your dress design cannot be changed. For some big changes such as re-arranging laces, changing dress shape or extended train length, we will effectively need to make a brand new dress. In such cases, please refer to our cancellation policy.

D. After the production starts, in some limited cases, if you need to add beads or shorten the train length, we could make those adjustments for you. However, in such cases there will be additional fees for these changes.

E. For some special cases, we will confirm certain details during the production process, please think carefully because the details cannot be changed once you confirm. For more information, please refer to C and D for details.


Size Issues

Upon receiving and trying the dress on please contact us within 3 business days if you think there is a mistake on the size from our side. In such cases, we might ask for some photos in order to investigate why the issues has occurred. Please note that 2-3 cm difference is an official international standard and can often be due to position of the zipper or ironing before packing. We always advice our brides to plan a final fitting with local tailor before the wedding day for guaranteed best fit. That is especially important for tight mermaid gown orders. 


Color Difference

All our lace fabrics are manufactured in light ivory color. We have collected the top 4 trendy colors for lining fabrics. Light ivory is the classic ivory which you see on most bridal gowns at local stores. Sometimes, it's also being called "off white". You can view all colors on instagram story section "COLORS".

We ask our clients to be certain of their desired color prior to production, as we do not accept returns based on color difference. Small color difference can be subject of light or individual monitor settings over which we have no control.


Change Your Mind

Please note that all pieces are custom-made specifically for you. For that reason, we cannot accept returns based on changed style preferences. We strongly advise all our brides to try few dresses and decide on what style is best for them prior to making an order with us. Having a clear idea about what you want and fits you well is imperative to get the best possible result from our collaboration.


Receive Wrong Order or Missing Accessory

Please notify us immediately if you received a wrong package or part of the order is missing. We will arrange and resend your orders. 


Procedures Of Return And Refund

Please note:

  • Please contact us within 3 days of delivery if you think there is any issue with your order.
  • Items must be sent to our return address within 5 days after the return request is confirmed. Please kindly email us the return delivery information, including the shipping courier and tracking number.
  • The refund will be processed in 24h after we receive and confirm that the dress is eligible. Shipping fees are not refundable.

Important Note: For your protection, please send your return/s via a shipping service that can be tracked, such as Registered USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL or other trackable posts. 
Please be sure to keep the shipping receipt, as well as the tracking information associated with the item(s) returned. We cannot guarantee refunds for returns sent via a non-trackable method.


Refunds For Cancelled Orders:

* Our team take limited quantity orders every month as we believe quality is over quantity. Our designers reserve the rights to refuse service and cancel the order at any stage if we strongly believe your request is unreasonable. 

·Orders canceled within 48 hours of payment confirmation will be eligible for a full refund, sketch fees are not refundable if they are already started. 
·Orders canceled within 48 to 60 hours of payment confirmation will be eligible for a partial refund consisting of 70% of your payment, sketch fees are not refundable if they are already started.
·Orders canceled within 60 to 108 hours of payment confirmation will be eligible for a partial refund consisting 50% of your payment, sketch fees are not refundable if they are already started.
·Orders canceled beyond 108 hours after payment confirmation will be eligible for a partial refund consisting of 30% of your payment, sketch fees are not refundable if they are already started.

·Once your order goes into production, your payment is not refundable.


* Please feel free to contact us for any of your questions.




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