Process Timeline

Order Your Dress No Later Than 6 Months Before Your Wedding

Step 1: Design (1 week ~ )
  • Free design consultation
  • Select your fabrics 
Step 2: Payment (1-2 weeks)
  • Finalize all details
  • Send deposit/payment
Step 3: Sketches (2-3 weeks)
  • Provide measurements
  • Review sketches
Step 4: Production (5-8 months)
  • Regular update
  • Review dress photos
Step 5: Shipping (1-2 weeks )
  • Receive package
  • Fitting with local tailor
Expert Tips From Our Team

What You Need To Know Before Get Started 


▸ Choose dress silhouette
▸ Pick your dress color
▸ Finalize veil design

Defining your vision

Try different dresses on, figure out which silhouette suits your body and style best. Please take some notes about what you like and do not like in details. Do not forget to confirm the color tones with your designer if you want to go with a nude color.


▸ Choose fabrics
▸ Payment
▸ Receive your sketches

Virtual wedding dress

Our designer will help you choose the best lace option and at the end provide a price quote. You will also receive instruction on how to process the payment. Once your payment/deposit arrives, your sketches will go in process, normally they will be finished within 2 weeks.


▸ Provide measurements
▸ Production
▸ Regular updates

Coming to life

While we are working on the sketches, you will receive a measurement guide. Please note our production team is not able to start working on the dress until we receive your measurements. Also note that no changes can be applied once production starts such as color, size and design details.


▸ Review final dress photos
▸ Complete payment
▸ Receive tracking number

Before shipment

Please make sure to process the final payment (with shipping fee) within three business days as otherwise your package will automatically be send back to our studio from the international shipping company. This could create additional delay and add extra charges to the shipping cost.


▸ Receive your dress
▸ Fitting
▸ Share your happiness with us

You are ready

A final fitting is always great to keep in mind especially if you ordered a mermaid gown and feel as you lost some weight during the last couple of months. Normally, A-line dresses would not need much last minute alterations unless you want to change some small design details.




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