13 Reasons Why Custom-Made Wedding Dress Is A Better Choice


Do you remember the first time you dreamt about your wedding and imagined walking down the aisle in a stunning bridal gown? I think the first time I ever did was when I was 5! From fairy tales to dreams and we are finally here, trying to organize the perfect wedding.

At BridalMelody, we believe you are the center piece of that special day as such; the wedding gown must be perfect! Balancing style, comfort and budget is not easy, however we wanted to remind you just why ordering a custom made dress makes all the sense in the world!

Yes, you heard that right! Custom made wedding dresses are no longer an exclusive luxury option only for the riches. Below you will find 13 reasons to why you should buy a custom made wedding dress online, plus an all-important bonus tip at the end.

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1. Individuality

Have ever someone ever said you are unique? They were right! We all have different personality and perception of what is beautiful and what is not. Being able to pass on personal touch and style to your wedding dress is the single most important reason why you should choose to make a custom one.

This is also where the designer comes in. It is critical to have an open communication and share the most you can about what designs and styles you like. Don’t forget to bring in materials! Search on Instagram and Pinterest or go to a local boutique and try a couple of dresses, it will all help you to form and clear your vision for your future bridal gown.

2. Price

    Price is important and there is no way getting around this. Although a custom made wedding dress used to be a privilege only for the riches, nowadays is a lot more affordable than one would think. Being able to reach a foreign atelier directly and order your dress at the point of production has made a significant impact.

    Forget about wedding boutiques or fancy resellers, the fact that they produce abroad is already well known. Removing them out of the picture can easily save you up to 60% from the cost, without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

    3. Fabrics

      During the consultation with designer you will receive advice on fabrics and lace; however the final choice is always yours! Brides are in the center of all this.

      Isn’t amazing to be so involved in the whole process of making your dream wedding dress? 

      4. Custom Sketch

        The idea is not enough; you have to be able to see how your wedding dress will eventually look. This is where a custom made sketch comes in. If you agreed on a highly modified version based on different pictures, it is imperative that you see your vision on paper before the production starts.

        Oh and by the way, you can put it in a frame later! How cool would that be?

        5. Transparency

          Transparency is a new trend for the bridal industry. Being able to communicate directly with the manufacturer, see who is making your dress and where is massively important.

          For too long, the perception about factories in China was connected to poor working conditions, child labor and bad quality. That worked great for big brands and local resellers that benefited from ordering from abroad and presenting it as a local expensive production. The ability to see how your dress is coming along will help you sort the real people from the rest.

          6. Lead Time

            Very few dresses take over three months to make. Lead time is another thing that would help you figure out if you are talking to a manufacturer or reseller. Once you have a clear vision and agree on all details, a good studio can make the dress in less than 40 business days!

            Add the international shipping time; it’s still less than two months. So relax future brides, there is no reason to panic!

            7. Comfort matters

              Anyone ever told you that beautiful and comfortable does not go together. Well, that certainly does not have to be the case with wedding dresses. Ordering a custom made, specifically for your body, guarantees both!

              Your designs, your fabrics and your measurements all set to make you feel and enjoy every moment of your special day. Why would you want something else? 


              8. Service

                Who said you cannot get great service online? Open communication is vital from the beginning to the end. Having a designated person to work with you and provide valuable tips is no longer a luxury. Being involved in every step of the way is now a standard.

                9. Refund conditions

                  Make sure you too pay close attention on this one. Wedding industry is entirely bride orientated now so all the stories about payments issues you heard are now a thing of the past if you work with the right people.


                  10. Personal detail

                    Story matters! The ability to add something personal, like an old piece of fabric or lace, to your wedding gown is second to none. Having an experienced designer’s help in this process is priceless! Shipping has never been so easy, so why not add some personal?

                    Remember, the wedding dress is an expression of you!

                    11. Quality & Craftsmanship

                      For some, it’s just business while for others is a way of life. In some factories in China, we have second or even third generation tailors! A unique mixture of tradition and modern day techniques, a reason to be proud!

                      12. Perfect Fit
                        The perfect fit is not a myth! Spending the time on taking properly the measurements might be a lengthy process but it is worth it. It will ensure that the dress is made to compliment every curve of your body.

                        A onetime visit to the local tailor 10 days before the wedding is not a necessity, but a good thing to consider as our bodies sometimes react different to anxiety.

                        13. Convenience

                          No longer is your local tailor the only choice. Having to travel to another city for a dress and then multiple fittings simply does not fit with our daily routine. Being able to shop online, communicate with the seller and receive constant updates (incl. pictures) right at your phone or computer can be summed up in one word – convenience.

                          Are you already part of this generation that looks back and wonders how people ever lived without this ability?



                          Bonus Tip: Beware of suspicious Chinese sellers

                          Being Chinese, we know all about shady sellers and mass producing factories that have no regard for customers or quality. Beware of extreme low prices and stores you can only find on selling platforms. This topic is so important that we plan to cover it in our next blog, but the one thing that sticks out is transparency.

                          Do you still think it is worth spending thousands of dollars on a wedding dress, while you can design your own for less than half the price? At the end of the day, would this money be better spent on something else?




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